Forest Fun

The reason the team at Pre-School have passionately become involved with Forest Fun is we have now all experienced first hand the huge impact it has on not only the little people that have experienced the fun but the well being of the team themselves.

Each of us have engaged and been inspired, motivated and reminded of how important the great outdoors truly is. We have felt the snow on our faces, seen the rain drops make patterns on the ponds surface, watched as the winds have blown the old dead leaves from the sky touching trees and soaked up the warmth of the sunshine on our backs.

Forest Fun enables the children to grow and develop in the simplest, yet most informative way possible. We experience the outside environment, we are alongside nature, using what we find, learning to understand our own feelings and developing a have a go attitude. Delivering the opportunities to be able to learn in ways that suit every one of us in a safe and secure outside space.

The children are able to create their own boundaries, walk new paths, see and touch new opportunities and develop their confidence to believe in themselves and become involved in building team spirit and learning how to work alongside peers.

With the continuous development of the knowledge of our individual key groups we are able to incorporate the children’s individual learning patterns and interests into the activities we plan for at Forest Fun. Ensuring that the children remain engaged and we are able to ensure the continuity of extending the development of all the children.

The words of Margaret McMillan: ‘The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky’

The outside environment offers immediate relief from the fast track that life appears to have us all running along. We are in a position to offer the children in our care opportunities to learn how to respect and use tools, from palm drills and whittling knives to full size bow saws. The children will experience the knowledge of who to create sparks, build small contained safe fires. Develop a respect and knowledge of fire, its purpose, how to safely feed and how to extinguish the fire.

The children will also experience the slow pace of sit spots, quiet voices to hear the variety of sounds constantly being made around us, the time each child requires to build up the self confidence to be brave enough to take that leap of faith. The space and opportunity to ask questions about the experiences they are fortunate to be undertaking. The most satisfying part of Forest Fun is being able to have the moments of seeing with our own eyes the amazement and wonder of the little peoples faces when they achieve their goal. This could be managing to use their strong muscles within their gross motor skills and saw through the thick wood, or to use their strong loud voices and shout “Forest Fun” whilst putting their thumbs up at register in base camp.

Forest Fun is adventure, fun, safe and with the use of positive role models and the continuity of small achievable yet interesting and enhancing steps, an opportunity to ensure the healthy development of happy, well balanced self-regulated and opportunistic children. When we believe, we really will achieve!

Forest school fun

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